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  1. Political hobbyism takes us away from spending time working with others to acquire power. While we sit at home, people who seek political control are out winning over voters.”
  2. An advertising guy has lots of insights for economists (I bought his book to read and learn 😉
  3. How psychics “see your future” (with a little help from your credulity)
  4. A good overview of illegal drug markets in the UK
  5. Dutch celebrities sue Facebook for fake ads — and win.
  6. Listen to these two great episodes of the Capitalisn’t podcast: DuPont covers up the hazards of teflon and Monsanto lobbying farmers to use glycophosphate
  7. My boss (LUC’s Dean) is also a researcher into parents-child communication. She’s just released a paper on gender and racial stereotyping in kids books.
  8. I really learned a few things listening to this podcast on the “economics of Millennial Socialists”
  9. A short video on how the Dutch nearly destroyed Amsterdam with US-style highways, off-ramps and urban destruction.
  10. Before there was recycling, there was the rag trade” (I bought the book!)

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Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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