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  1. American laws now aid global tax dodgers — and that’s not an accident
  2. Economic warfare (embargoes, tariffs, etc.) is useless and probably counterproductive. Better to offer favorable economic terms on migration and trade and shame leaders into serving their people.
  3. The rise of women (from inequality) is both useful and urgently needed. NGM — the magazine of bare-breasted exotics — has put out an issue on women, with all the editing, writing and photography by women.
  4. Why is Iran’s government paranoid about environmentalists? Here’s one (authoritative) perspective. My take is that enviro-groups can challenge the government’s authority and competence.
  5. Free-market medical care works in the US
  6. COP15 fail, in the manner of Dr. Seuss
  7. Two excellent podcasts: Eastern Europe after the wall and the “disrespected” who support populists and Naomi Klein’s evolution as a public intellectual against excess capitalism
  8. Paranoia about abuse of power has diffused power and stopped progress.
  9. China is one (of ?? countries) “erasing the past” by removing articles from academic databases. Such censorship was not possible in the days of printed journals, but digital archives (often controlled by for-profit companies) are centralized — and thus vulnerable.
  10. California’s decision to prohibit insurers from dropping clients as new risks (e.g., living near fire-vulnerable areas) emerge will nuke the insurance market, increasing the risk that people, businesses and cities will go bankrupt as climate chaos results in new damages in different places.

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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