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  1. Democrats are losing touch with the “high school nation” that is the US
  2. Six (corporate) life lessons — the funny version
  3. The “desk killers” who kill millions at a distance
  4. The Mumbai police have a brilliant solution for too much honking
  5. Review of Shoshana Zuboff’s Age of Surveillance Capitalism (2019): “The aim for the surveillance capitalists is to share this theft of information about private lives with third parties for money.” Read my review of Future Crimes to protect your privacy.
  6. The war on cannabis has been failing since 600 BCE
  7. Amazing rant on Louisville’s failure to invest in water infrastructure
  8. Are we all members of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement?
  9. Academics are starting to predict where people will move under the influence of climate chaos. Good morning Detroit!
  10. Related: The solution to climate change is not population control but carbon controlresearchers are updating flood maps to reflect rapidly rising climate riskArctic permafrost is melting so fast that it may overwhelm the (direct) human contribution to climate chaos. Happy Valentines!

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