Interesting stuff

  1. GHG emissions/$ are falling in the US, but not fast enough
  2. Growth before development or vice versa?
  3. Color as technology
  4. Finally! A story connecting Putin’s rise with the deaths of hundreds due to explosions in apartment blocks. It was blamed on terrorists but was probably Putin (KGB/FSB)
  5. Wall Street may be getting serious about climate change. Your investments and retirement might be in for some serious disruption.
  6. America might be getting serious about harm reduction, due to the tens of thousands of people dying from opiates, heroin and fentanyl. I hope that this is just “putting knowledge to work” but it may have something to do with race 🙁
  7. Dutch universities are way behind on preparing for climate change (As usual, they may not know what they are doing…)
  8. A start-up founder who chose success over growth
  9. The centralized business model of Cosa Nostra (“The Mafia”) has been replaced by the decentralized model of the ‘Ndrangheta, which is extremely successful. (My take on decentralization.)
  10. The Swiss use their time to enjoy their lives. Can you?

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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