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  1. Civilizations don’t collapse. States do.
  2. A big storm washed away sand meant to protect the Dutch coast from storms (!) The government claims it will “come back.” Right.
  3. Fascinating: An anthropologist on Wall Street and the origins of the “shareholder value” that’s destroyed so much social value.
  4. Three podcasts on cryptocurrencies: a godfather, their weaknesses, and how they help people in mis-governed countries.
  5. And then podcasts on the social impacts of online dating and a really fascinating interview with a financial scammer.
  6. Romer criticizes economists but not Nordhaus (co-winner of the Nobel), who has rationalized inaction on climate change for long enough to doom humanity.
  7. Fascinating (accurate) insights on Wall Street from an anthropologist.
  8. China’s response (total lockdown) to the Wuhan corona virus is mostly about showing that the party is in charge.
  9. (Some) Scandinavians admit they gain from the rest of the world, unlike nationalists who think incest is the best source of innovation.
  10. The endless damages of CC will push us to abandon cities and “how bad can CC get by 2050? Very bad!”

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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