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  1. India moves from multi-culturalism to Hindu nationalism — a process that was exacerbated by the colonial period and that will not end well.
  2. A fascinating review of the 1980s in America, which has led to the current “OK-boomer” social schism and many other issues: “Failing to win a consensus for the revolutions of the 1960s, Washington instead bought off through tax cuts those who stood to lose from them. Americans would delude themselves for decades that there was something natural about this arrangement. It was an age of entitlement.”
  3. The nuclear family was a mistake… in terms of social safety, cohesion and development
  4. Is capitalism the solution or the driver of climate chaos?
  5. Here’s a really great paper on “the consequences [=shortage that harms the poor] of treating electricity as a right.” It’s nearly identical to the case of treating water as a right.
  6. A beautiful essay on the silly way Silicon Valley types speak.
  7. The decadence before the fall: Coffee obsession
  8. The Nuclear Family Was a Mistake
  9. Where will political correctness + national pride take our language?
  10. Bill McKibben’s latest update on our fucked-up climate chaotic future

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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