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  1. What’s the point of money?
  2. Want Trump to let you out of prison? (1) Be a corrupt politician convicted of selling offices for “campaign funds,” (2) Note that your enemies are Trump’s enemies, and (3) Appear on Fox while Trump watches.
  3. Los Angeles tries to take back the data commons. Uber objects at this threat to its business model of profiting from data.
  4. Madeline Albright on how to respond to tyranny and populism 
  5. Our [American] institutions lost the capacity to mold character and have become platforms for performance instead.
  6. Here are 7 interesting visions of how the Netherlands might adapt to extreme (+2-10m) seal level rise. I am glad to see several in which Amsterdam is an island in a tidal lagoon.
  7. 100 ideas for better living
  8. Is there a science to better marriage?
  9. Why we need rules
  10. …and why we need freedom: “Modern liberalism fits the modern world of high human capital better than the old rightish model of dim-witted peasants properly led by the aristocracy or the old leftish model of gormless proletarians properly led by The Party. If ever there was a time to let people go, and to have a go, it is now, when they are so obviously ready for a liberal autonomy. Yesterday, one might put it, was the time for the aristocracy or the state. Now is the time for liberalism.”

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Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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