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  1. How Shell sees climate change and profit opportunities
  2. Listen to this absolutely fascinating podcast on Myanmar’s (Burma’s) history, ethnic conflicts and Aung San Suu Kyi
  3. Trump’s election got help from the Russians and other bits of good/bad luck, but his Facebook campaign was a genuine success at marketing. Read about the “strip mall brogrammer” who made it happen.
  4. Reminder: America’s success was not just built on slavery but genocide of the natives: “Rather than atonement and reckoning, the United States offered war and conquest as a way to forge national unity.”
  5. Want to feel better about yourself? Install the app that brings thousands of bots to praise your every word
  6. Mr Money Mustache has a great perspective on Covid-19.
  7. This recent paper describes how the Netherlands will need to adapt to rising sea levels (+3m by 2100, given failing mitigation) at an exponential rate that will exceed physical, engineering and logistical capacities.
  8. How Mount Everest became a multimillion-dollar business
  9. “The illogicality of shell companies is a result of the fact that they emerged from an illogical system in which globalisation is incomplete: money can go anywhere, but laws cannot. And the consequences of that mismatch are profound.”
  10. Starbucks has 32,000 locations — and an interesting role as a “third place”

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