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  1. A podcast discussion of extreme economies, i.e., nature people find a way
  2. Bots are getting really good at writing “human” prose. That’s fun for short stories but a disaster for bots that troll, complain or otherwise divert or waste human attention.
  3. The market failures (=financial and psychological damages) of mobile phones and social media
  4. For a private market view of post-apocalyptic living, read this.
  5. The Irish Taoiseach (prime minister) gave a compelling, sympathetic speech on why cancelling St Patrick’s Day festivities was important.
  6. Two Things We Know With High Confidence
  7. What is “knowledge” in an internet world?
  8. A 2006 article on how Chinese factories stole IP from the foreign firms that hired them for contract work (basically by making extra on the side).
  9. The response to C-19 (isolation) is weakening the social glue that helps humanity survive and thrive. Related: The new Cold War has another data point in competing philosophies as China’s “success” with C-19 [wait and see, say I] strengthens its claim to a superior political/social system to Western [classical] liberalism.
  10. Yep:

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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