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  1. “Corporate persons” are more diverse than just firms
  2. This podcast on uncertainty didn’t change my mind as much as express, with authority and eloquence, the real problems with economists assuming they know probabilities for uncertain events. Related: Americans’ knowledge of science varies a LOT by education and race but NOT political party.
  3. A broken backpack strap… and the circular economy. Related: Targeted advertising is bad for you
  4. How pressure cookers actually work. Semi-related: Food safety and coronavirus


  1. Freakonomics: how C-19 affects the economy and teaching
  2. C-19 is triggering nostalgia for filthy local hangouts
  3. Economists on C-19: Tyler  & Russ and supply chain disruptions
  4. The Black Death killed 60 percent of Europeans by spreading “quickly” around the continent.
  5. I’ve often said that climate chaos will be like living in the middle of World War II, except forever. The C-19 crisis is giving us a practice run, in good and bad ways: Disasters create a “community of sufferers” that allows individuals to experience an immensely reassuring connection to others. As people come together to face an existential threat, class differences are temporarily erased, income disparities become irrelevant, race is overlooked, and individuals are assessed simply by what they are willing to do for the group.

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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