Interesting stuff (all C-19 related)

  1. Watch this 30 second video on Trump’s denial of C-19’s exponential growth. Then decide who should lead the United States (now #1 in the world for C-19 cases… and soon to be #1 in deaths). Hopefully #maga stands for Many Americans Getting Angry.
  2. Explaining out 3-tier immune systems. Related: Age/vulnerability advice on protecting yourself from C-19.
  3. “Sudden homeschooling” is testing parental choices
  4. We Live in Zoom Now
  5. C-19: Denmark does the right thing (securing jobs, etc.), unlike the US, where a world-famous epidemiologist predicts damages and gives this opinion on Trump: “Speaking as a public health person, this is the most irresponsible act of an elected official that I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime.”
  6. Plague economics from 1660 (lots of parallels to C-19)
  7. The view on C-19 from 2022.
  8. C-19 and social collapse
  9. My colleagues on Dutch failures to communicate clearly on C-19
  10. A good summary of Trump’s diplomatic failures, and (related) why trust in leadership (something Trump lacks) is an essential for fighting C-19.

h/t to GH

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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