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  1. A frenetic, on point, essay on doing GOOD C-19 research and the value of different perspectives in seeking answers
  2. C-19 will scar Millennials (part 2 of their financial crisis scar) in the same way as the Depression hit Boomers’ parents. Government action and personal safety will never be the same.
  3. My risk is not your risk, which is not social risk. When making big decisions (close the borders, spend $trillions, triage who dies), these differences are important.
  4. The Russians are C-19 immune, for obvious reasons
  5. Money vs public health, a look back on cholera
  6. Facemasks protect others from you but may not protect you from others
  7. The fresh-food supply of the US could collapse if farmworkers get C-19. Related: NPR podcast on the same topic.
  8. How can a small, open economy like the Netherlands protect itself from trade and food supply disruptions?
  9. This op/ed has some good advice on “smart quarantine” (let less-vulnerable people out to work; test lots of people; isolate vulnerable populations)

Non-coronavirus links!

  1. Advertisers should pay an escalating tax to discourage mass-manipulation

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