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  1. This funny video sums up my online teaching nightmares
  2. The Corona-crisis is hitting supply and demand, which is why we’re headed for a recession and perhaps a depression.
  3. How the food supply chain is (not) dealing with corona-hoarding (“hamstering” in the Netherlands šŸ˜‰
  4. I started Station 11 on a friend’s recommendation before coronavirus brought “global pandemic” the rest of the world’s attention. It’s a good book (no spoilers) for post-pandemic thinking. Here’s a great interview with its author.
  5. Bats’ amazing immune systems make them dangerous to us
  6. Update from Beijing
  7. 30 predictions on how corona will change the world
  8. How many “excess deaths” are statistics missing?
  9. Good sense on coronaviruses and pandemicsĀ from an epidemiologistĀ 
  10. Time for social safety net reform in the US? A few ideas.
  11. Post c-19 panic,Ā incumbents will try to fool us into returning to the Old Normal of buying, stressing and consuming the planet. Don’t accept the Old Normal. Time for a new status quo.

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