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  1. Department of Ignorance: Arsonists torch cellular towers in NL. They think 5G spreads C-19. NL has not implemented 5G.
  2. Scientists still don’t know if recovered C-19 patients are immune
  3. Female leaders are doing well at protecting their people from C-19
  4. Some clues about what the “1.5 meter economy’ will look like
  5. One American worries “We are destroying the working class to save the elderly,” and American hospitals — accustomed to profiting from “excessive/elective” procedures — are going broke, but the cost of C-19 deaths (based on the value of lost lives) is headed toward $10 trillion.
  6. Are trolls (the same ones that interfered with elections) “helping” Americans die from C-19? Probably… 

Non-Corona (ratio is tipping… a good sign or just bored with C-19?)

  1. Bill Nordhaus, whom I have criticized for missing the boat on carbon pricing, makes a useful proposal on “carbon clubs” as a means of enforcing de-carbonization.
  2. Practice Better writing with common easy words
  3. James Burke on how “scattered” thinking creates new ideas and solutions
  4. “Why the War on Physical Cash Is a War on Freedom

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