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  1. Skies over quarantined cities are remarkably clean. Car sales are imploding. Coincidence?
  2. This obscenity-laden analysis of US government failure is dead right.
  3. Nobody predicted C-19 (obvious if you look at the market’s mid-Feb drop)
  4. When assholes embrace social distancing (comedy)
  5. A Marxist hopes workers might rebel against corona-capitalists
  6. The Amish have a better health care system
  7. How BoJo’s government failed to cope with Corona


  1. The transition to clean energy will be neither clean nor easy
  2. China, proving pessimists right, has taken the “low road” in holding back Mekong water for itself. Food security is falling for downstream countries.
  3. Truck pirates are a thing
  4. Listen to this podcast for the China discussion, not the C-19 angles

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