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  1. Read this excellent summary of how much C19 risk you face in confined spaces, outdoors, etc.
  2. Real asset values will fall when we factor in the loss of buying power
  3. “Inevitable” urbanization isn’t.
  4. This article on the death of small businesses did not change my mind, because it’s wrong. Yes, many businesses will fail, but many more will rise in their place (“creative destruction”) IF governments allow free competition instead of subsidizing friends. Let’s see.
  5. Students are asking if they are getting value for their money from universities as courses go online. Good question.
  6. A good summary of what C19 has taught us about ourselves
  7. Mapping the virus  — including its genetic mutations
  8. Good podcasts: The environment recovers from our assault, the economy slows (and that’s good), and the economy crashes (and that’s bad).


  1. Robots are not really a threat
  2. Advice for new grads, from old grads TED speakers
  3. TU/Eindhoven’s campaign to hire only female professors (to correct a gender imbalance) is going well: 35 are hired (out of a target of 150?)

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