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  1. A post-pandemic world will have more government, be less globalized, and rethink its market economies
  2. A list of the economic and political areas C19 will impact (improve?)
  3. The “real” death rate from C19 in NL (measured via “excess deaths”) is 9,000 — 32% higher than the official C19 death count.
  4. Good advice on how to keep yourself sane in lockdown
  5. Covid as the “shift” from US to Chinese dominance
  6. Universities shouldn’t re-open but adapt
  7. This cartoon says it all


  1. Why are so many leaders incompetent — and male? 
  2. A useful summary of the good points (somewhat buried by its poor format) in “Planet of the Humans.” I agree with all 5 — and have for years 😉
  3. Logs, which I kinda understand, are pretty cool
  4. Episode 1,000 of Planet Money: behind the green curtains

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