Weekend reading

  1. Neoliberalism’s roots date to a time when the rich wanted to protect their assets by confirming the precedence of voluntary trade over government intervention, but that meaning shifted to “pro-market” in the 1980s and now “crony capitalism” in the eyes of many. What’s the real meaning of neo-liberalism? It depends.
  2. It’s time for portable identity and a user-centric redesign of Facebook.
  3. Want to buy and sell in a really free market? Try Open Bazaar.
  4. The Dutch consumers association goes after packaging lies
  5. A prose poem on the wonders of water
  6. Cruel conditions (death in a Soviet gulag) can teach us about human nature.
  7. Repeating themes (of humanity)
  8. The origins of “well-regulated militia”
  9. The OECD points out that cities should align their planning with tax (and other incentives) because — no duh — incentives can undermine plans.
  10. Are you excited to have a “circular economy”? Who isn’t? The researchers who found 114 different definitions of the term. Which one do you choose?


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Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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