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  1. The US is a failed state (leadership matters) and an exception essay on the collaborators (think Nazi’s) who enable Trump
  2. This is how to frame China’s geopolitical moves… but Trump — who has no leadership abilities — is not the one to respond to them.
  3. One-quarter of universities are “walking dead”
  4. An excellent paper on how the arrival of water meters affects water consumption (23% drop) and the distribution of those costs (poorer areas pay £23 more per year — much less than feared).
  5. American stocks are up for strange reasons, but its safety net is failing workers, and the real economy may crash from its sugar high.
  6. An interview with the founder of Bellingcat, an “investigative activist” group that’s uncovered Russian crimes in Syria and shooting down MH17. Related: How totalitarian countries are attacking free media and journalists at home.
  7. Apartheid had its roots in protecting white labor from (more competitive) black labor.
  8. Monopoly power allows discrimination to persist
  9. Small companies are failing at record rates worldwide under the influences of C19, trade disputes, market power and political interference. That’s bad for innovation.
  10. Peer review has all the problems typical to biased humans

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