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  1. A conversation on improving race and policing, and another on defunding — moving money into social services — the police
  2. Taxpayers should get ownership shares (as “capitalists”) in exchange for the risk they bear for bailing out companies
  3. The economy is a mess, so why are stocks up?
  4. How India manages crowds of up to 250 million (!)
  5. Pandemic insurance existed, but nobody bought a policy
  6. I’m shocked! Shocked! “Covid-positive passengers fly instead of staying home.
  7. Russia’s GRU (~US CIA) has made some mistakes, so Putin replaced killed its leader. I bet Trump is jealous.
  8. The Pentagon’s budget for “defending America” has been growing for years, but so has its inability to track funds, equipment or buildings (!). Read about their $21 trillion black hole of accounting.
  9. “What’s wrong with America?” The health care system extracts from the poor to help the rich.  The result? Deaths of despair (via drug overdoses). Related: An interview with a Chinese Fentanyl salesperson (it’s illegal to sell the chemicals in China, but not to sell abroad.)

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Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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