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  1. Should the UN declare a responsibility to protect Americans from the Trump administration? (Yes)
  2. Notes on Beirut’s broken sewage system  (and corruption)
  3. Racism, gender and diversity in economics: EconTalk and Capitalisn’t
  4. The Germans rose above their past by facing their failures. The Russians have not reconciled with the real horrors of Stalin; America struggles with its slavery past.
  5. Time to re-read “The Coddling of the American Mind“?

    Teaching students to avoid giving unintentional offense is a worthy goal, especially when the students come from many different cultural backgrounds. But students should also be taught how to live in a world full of potential offenses.

  6. YouTube can take you down a dark rabbithole, but you can also direct your own adventures.
  7. Minecraft is magic and disconcerting in the same way as life. Explore.
  8. Marmelade
  9. Climate-chaos will put poverty- and corruption-driven migration into overdrive. If the EU and US block migration, then they are more likely to have wars on their frontiers.
  10. America’s failure to deal with the rise of China risks world stability

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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