Interesting stuff

  1. Measuring the scale of coronavirus via sewage
  2. So… the American Revolution was not about democracy but changing which leaders were in charge (and making money, especially via cotton and slavery). Related: Race and science
  3. Why are market prices surging? A lot of money managers only get paid if client funds are “invested” (!)
  4. A website with Trump’s new slogan (“Keep America Great”) points out how he’s broken all his promises and failed to deliver
  5. Western “liberals” are rejecting tolerance for their subjective truth?
  6. Lol: “Facebook apologizes to users, businesses for Apple’s monstrous efforts to protect its customers’ privacy
  7. Why are there 5280 feet in a mile?
  8. The pandemic is nuking college-town economies (velocity of money case study)
  9. Online advertising wears the emperor’s new clothes (= it’s often worthless)
  10. Blockchain: the amazing solution for almost nothing

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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