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    1. When we lose weight, where does it go? (Hint: Water!)
    2. A view on what Covid will bring, from 6 months ago
    3. Who steals “famous art”? Underworld criminals looking for swag
    4. China’s civil war isn’t over (bad news for Taiwan)
    5. The Chicago Mercantile Exchange is setting up a “futures market” for water based on California water trades. I think this is a bad idea b/c (1) there’s no “commodity water” equivalent to oil (water prices reflect unique local and regulatory considerations) and (2) there’s no easy way to store or deliver water, due to its weight and low value per unit (a barrel of oil is worth $40; a barrel of [potable tap water] water is worth about $0.16; agricultural water is worth 1% of that, or less).
    6. Equality is not as useful as equity:
    7. Interesting details on how the airline industry is “melting down”
    8. Tired of experts? Lobbyists? Activists? Check out the UK’s Citizen Assembly format and how they approached climate change
    9. How a Chinese millionaire disrupted damaged BitTorrent by trying to rip off people via his crypto-scam
    10. Health care in rich countries: The US ranks very low due to high costs and chaotic results (this is even before Covid!). The NL does well 😉

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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