Interesting stuff

  1. Audrey Tang, Taiwan’s “digital minister”, is an original thinker
  2. So Moynihan was wrong about “black families”? Listen to this.
  3. San Francisco is losing its Private Investigators
  4. Margaret Atwood sees the darkness of our times — and how to resist
  5. The economics of vending machines (a lot has changed since I ran one!)
  6. How targeted (vote! stay home!) political advertising works 
  7. Thomas Friedman looks at US politics through a foreign policy lens
  8. Gaming chairs are getting better at supporting immobility, which is bad for your circulation (and probably your soul), but also part of the “retreat from reality” I predicted for a good part of society.
  9. Anne Appelbaum on the twilight of democracy (the comments to this podcast leave me worried for America; seems that lots of people are excited to trade freedom for controls on “left-wing terrorists” [sic]. Read Jacob’s Dark Age Ahead (2005) for more.
  10. An over-caffinated guy says “don’t get into watches!” (Too late 😉

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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