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  1. My “sound” is your “noise” and other problems with noise pollution
  2. This speech by Jack Ma (founder of Alibaba, one of the richest people in China) on China’s tech development, regulation, etc. is worth reading, due to his statue and the government’s reaction to it (delaying what would have been a record-breaking IPO of Ant Financial).
  3. Physical book quality is falling as “print on demand” spreads
  4. Use this tool to see how to decarbonize the economy (hint, carbon tax is way more effective than banning coal…)
  5. How the US can leave fossil fuels behind
  6. The Big Lessons From History
  7. A debate over the future of capitalism, in which “doughnut economic aspirations” appear but fail (no surprise) in the face of confusion about the differences between markets and government.
  8. Friends or colleagues having trouble with “science” (climate change, COVID, vaccines)? Use the “Denialist playbook” to dissect, understand and refute (?) them.
  9. TikTok is an eternal channel flip
  10. Future geopolitics will change as economic weight moves from “West to East”

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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