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  1. Falling down conspiracy-theory-rabbit-holes in lockdown: “Personal contact takes you out of the rabbit hole. You know, it can be a very direct, ‘No, mate, that’s nonsense,’ but it could also just be taking people away from the singular focus that conspiracy rabbit holes require. Just by introducing other topics of conversation.” Lockdown removed those opportunities for intervention at a stroke.
  2. Credit card rewards (e.g., air miles) as a tragedy of the commons (bad money forcing out good).
  3. Distilled crazy from Fox News
  4. Really cool: Street View of 1940s New York
  5. Utah is #1 (in the US) for social mobility and collective responsibility
  6. Asian governments are spending big to “fight” COVID, which means more debt, more inflation and more corruption
  7. Stressed out indoors? Breathe deep and look outside
  8. The fascinating history of autotune
  9. How venture capitalists are deforming capitalism
  10. Napoleon’s mail habits are also good email habits

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Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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