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  1. Listen: Ezra looks back on 5 years of his podcast. Lesson #1: Do the reading
  2. Watch: A coup in the US? It’s unlikely but less unlikely with Trump’s rhetoric
  3. Read: What we know about COVID after one year
  4. Read: Nature is not healing. We need to dial back way more if we want that.
  5. Read: Rich countries (US, UK) are facilitating corruption in poor countries
  6. Read: The “Russia hack” is way way bigger than anyone thought
  7. Listen: A CEO makes the case for bitcoin as an inflation hedge
  8. Listen: The art of rest
  9. Listen: A health economist of the (response to the) pandemic (hint: it’s a collective action problem)
  10. Read: The unexpected beginnings of ARM computing
  11. Read: A surprising and (not) shocking of fast decisions leading to poor results: Thousands of ships are now burning toxic dangerous “green” oil
  12. Read: You think Facebook is bad? Data privacy in India is a disaster.
  13. Watch: President Obama, elder statesman, has good opinions
  14. Read: Is purity or compromise better?

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Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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