Interesting stuff

  1. Read: How to blow up a pipeline (and why that’s necessary)
  2. Listen: Truth vs lies (information “warfare” among countries)
  3. Listen: Discussing climate chaos with the author of There is no Planet B
  4. Read: A brief history of peanut butter (steak-replacement!)
  5. Read: The War on Professionalism (led by populists)
  6. Read: Central banks are pumping up asset bubbles. Next stop: the bubble bursts (they cut off the cheap money) or inflation (they don’t)
  7. Read: A good summary of r/wallstreetbets vs Wall Street and excellent advice for FOMO n00bs annnnd a great debate on winners and losers.
  8. Read: Get control of your todo lists (hint: set aside chunks of time for big projects)
  9. Read: A scary story of online slander that makes me agree that Section 230 (a US law that protects platforms from liability for their content) needs to be revised.
  10. Read: UC Davis decides its best defence against COVID is to protect its surrounding community… for free. Related: Another case of universities doing it right.

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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