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  1. Read: “Natural” gas propaganda explains why many homes have gas — and so many people suffer from indoor air pollution.
  2. Listen: Michael Mann has coined a new word (“inactivists”) to describe the oil & gas lobbyists who urge us to do nothing while their products destroy our atmosphere. Listen in and vote for change (carbon taxes, no more energy subsidies) before you worry about your carbon footprint (another inactivist ploy borrowed from the cancer cigarette industry)
  3. Read: Good news! The EU’s ETS market is coming alive (prices over €40/ton), and [my prediction] profit seekers are going to push to make it bigger (so they can make more money)
  4. Read: Repair and reuse your clothes!
  5. Read: The value of macroeconomics in a few points (b/c that’s all there are)
  6. Listen: New world order? An interview with a member of Facebook’s “Supreme Court of free speech”
  7. Listen: A discussion with Anand Giridharadas on profits vs society
  8. Read: Zoom fatigue is a thing and there are ways to reduce it
  9. Read: I told you so Part I: Back in 2008-2011, I was writing about the failures of federal (US) flood insurance. It seems that US legislators (bounced by climate chaos) are starting to catch up…
  10. I told you so, Part II: Back in 2013, we were unable to fly via Dallas due to “freak” cold weather. I blogged on that event as a harbinger of climate chaos to come. A few weeks ago, Texas was again hit by “freak” cold weather… and now they are dusting off recommendations from 2014 that lobbyists fought to stop. What about next time?

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Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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