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    1. Read: The right and wrong way to assess students (by one of our alumni)
    2. Read: How to Put Out Democracy’s Dumpster Fire (fueled by social media) and (related) how Facebook (mis)uses AI
    3. Listen: The business of making a new pasta shape
    4. Listen: A nice look into crypto, NFTs and innovation 
    5. Read: California mulls over plans to buy houses that will be flooded by rising seas, as that will be cheaper than fighting with millionaires who want “government” to protect their houses.
    6. Read: Private schools are not facing their hypocrisy of perpetuating class divides
    7. Read: Intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation, and how they get into each other’s way
    8. Read: Wanna thrive? “Start by scheduling more varied activities into your days, weeks, and months and removing variety from your hours and minutes.”
    9. Read: Email broke the office: “This convergence of factors has made the last two decades of office work like standing in an increasingly crowded and rowdy bar. Offices might be silent while everyone communicates through their screens, but inside our minds, things have gotten noisier and noisier without anyone stopping to ask why—and when communication about work never ceases, it leaves little time to actually execute the work.”
    10. The State of the Nation(al hypocrisy):

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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