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  1. Read: The hidden toll of remote work
  2. Watch: The [US] national debt, republican hypocrisy, MMT and your kids
  3. Read (and weep): French vineyards are losing their grape wine crops (and maybe their vines) due to record frost. Worse news: ALL farms are facing crop losses, thereby taking us another step closer to a climate-chaos-driven food crisis.
  4. Read: Green spaces in Amsterdam over the centuries
  5. Read: The right-wing conspiracy to undermine university professors
  6. Read: The US was always a nation of migrants but only “white” (Northern European, but not Italians, Irish or Jews) immigrants — until the 1965 immigration reform allowed non-whites. For my father (British citizen but born in India), this was a barrier to his entering the US in the early 60s.
  7. Read: Why are Chinese solar prices so low? One reason is forced labor. A bit of blood splashed on that green?
  8. Read: I’m shocked, shocked to read that Facebook (passively) supports fascists
  9. Read: Goodbye forests 🙁
  10. Read: Looking at the roots of conspiracy theories
  11. Listen: Happiness

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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