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  1. Listen: More women needed in science!
  2. Read: Bad policy encourages stupid behavior (NY Times): “The sense that money and technology can overcome nature has emboldened Americans. Where money and technology fail, though, it inevitably falls to government policies — and government subsidies — to pick up the slack. Thanks to federally subsidized canals, for example, water in part of the Desert Southwest costs less than it does in Philadelphia. The federal National Flood Insurance Program has paid to rebuild houses that have flooded six times over in the same spot. And federal agriculture aid withholds subsidies from farmers who switch to drought-resistant crops, while paying growers to replant the same ones that failed. Farmers, seed manufacturers, real estate developers and a few homeowners benefit, at least momentarily, but the gap between what the climate can destroy and what money can replace is growing.”
  3. Watch: Mr Money Moustache’s 15-year old brings some seriously valid criticism to the cheap (and not very efficient) educational system. Watch the video to be VERY impressed by a teenager “firing on all cylinders”
  4. Read: Steve Keen thoroughly criticises the shitty economics that William Nordhaus uses to under-estimate the (civilization-threatening) damages of climate chaos. His biased, hackneyed work has slowed or prevented  us from engaging in the catastrophe now unfolding. (I’ve criticised Nordhaus before; this article makes me think he should be tried for crimes against humanity.)
  5. Read: The US labor market is running into trouble as workers turn down jobs that pay less than unemployment benefits. (Maybe there’s some need to raise wages, and thus prices, to sustainable levels?)
  6. Watch: American cities are developing via a car-centric Ponzi scheme
  7. Listen: The West must engage confront China
  8. Read: “How Russia wins the climate crisis
  9. Listen: Sometimes waiting (“masterly inactivity”) is better than micro-management?
  10. Watch (amazed): The crane that installs massive wind turbines
  11. Read: Rising food prices hit the poor the hardest:

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Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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  1. Yes, I’ve heard. Fines (as a means of incentivizing obedience to the law) are not the same as the price of a utility service… or potatoes 🙂

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