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  1. Read: Predictable shenanigans with carbon offsets in California“Mark Trexler, a former offsets developer who worked in earlier U.S. and European carbon markets, said the board should have anticipated the perverse incentives created by its program. “When people write offset rules, they always ignore the fact that there are 1,000 smart people next door that will try to game them,” he said. Since the board set up a system that “incentivizes people to find the areas that are high-density, or high-carbon, that’s what they’re going to do.””
  2. Listen: The birth of techno in Berlin
  3. Watch: In this 1983 video, Grandmaster flash explains how to mix records. History!
  4. Read: It’s not a ‘labor shortage.’ It’s a massive reassessment of work in America
  5. Listen: (Negative) carbon credits are getting more attention, but can they work?
  6. Watch: Tracking down the other 99% of plastics that are NOT floating in the middle of the ocean
  7. Read: Finally! “Indigenous leaders launch $2.1 billion class-action lawsuits against Canada over lack of drinking water
  8. Read: Are dentists making money on unnecessary procedures? Sadly, yes.
  9. Read: Louisiana’s refineries, chemical plants and other polluting locations are typically located in areas where freed slaves lived — areas that are still predominately Black. Coincidence? No, systemic racism.
  10. Read: Social Justice Groupthink: Liberalism and science, Pluckrose and Lindsay remind us, are “systems—not just neat little theories—because they are self-skeptical rather than self-certain . . . They are self-correcting.” Enlightenment empiricism encourages us to critique our own beliefs and modify them, however reluctantly we may do so. “People in liberal systems are free to believe anything they wish, and they’re free to argue for anything they want, but to claim that such beliefs are knowledge and demand they be respected as such is another matter.” Social Justice dogma, which demands uncritical adherence, is the opposite of liberal, although the political right has muddied the waters for years by grouping us all into a collective rubric of “liberal,” “the left” or “radical.”

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