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  1. Listen: Daniel Kahneman on Why Our Judgment is Flawed — and What to Do About It
  2. Watch: “Chinatown” architecture in the West is not authentic. Instead, it’s aimed at avoiding discrimination.
  3. Read: What is the Dutch obsession with pavement cafes all about?
  4. Listen: If you treat discussions and debates like a soldier (“defend the position!”) rather than a scout (“what’s interesting over here?”), then you are likely to feel right but be wrong over the long term.
  5. Read: Monopoly was invented to demonstrate the evils of capitalism
  6. Read: Reusable plastic shopping bags are actually making the problem worse
  7. Read: The bad science behind “wash hands and keep distance but ignore masks”
  8. Read: Internet 1.0 was freedom and exploration. Internet 2.0 was exploitation via algorithms. Internet 3.0 will put everything behind paywalls.
  9. Listen: The weird origins of Daylight “Savings” Time and other time trivia
  10. Read: How the Personal Computer Broke the Human Body: “What Zuboff observed was that as intellectual engagement with the work went down, the necessity of concentration and attention went up. What the computer did was make the work so routine, so boring, so mindless, clerical workers had to physically exert themselves to be able to focus on what they were even doing. This transition, from work being about the application of knowledge to work being about the application of attention, turned out to have profound physical and psychological impact on the clerical workers themselves.”

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