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  1. Read: NYC’s yellow cabs are getting hit by the 1-2 whammy of competition and a post-COVID loss of customers. Medallions are selling for <10% of their prior high prices.
  2. Read: Less shopping is good for sustainability… and workers
  3. Read: This author wants a “more equal” form of capitalism but fails to notice how much better capitalism is compared to feudalism, communism, and the rest. D’oh!
  4. Read: Why we eat bad food (hint: industrial agriculture)
  5. Read: Beware of Wish-Cycling: “Sometimes it’s just better to trash something. Recycling—either at home, at the dump, or a second-hand store—is only beneficial if it can actually be turned into something new or reused”
  6. Read: An Indian family that home schooled its kids “on the road” and Americans who “rage quit” for home schooling. (The common theme here are schools that can’t teach very well.)
  7. Read: How to hide your personal data from the internet
  8. Read: The sperm count “crisis” may not really be a crisis?
  9. Read: Civilization will not end if “we” (rich people) buy 25% less stuff
  10. Read: “The one Covid-19 intervention that definitely worked was mask mandates

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Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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