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    1. Read: A good discussion of why “pipelines” are a bad solution to water scarcity
    2. Read: The ‘melancholic joy’ of living in our brutal, beautiful world
    3. Listen: The Facebook files (ep 1). Surprise! FB has prioritised profits and impact over safety and community. (Read Time’s summary of the episodes.) Related read: Why Silicon Valley’s Optimization Mindset Sets Us Up for Failure
    4. Listen: The status game, i.e., how our desire for relative position leads to over-consumption, depression and strife.
    5. Read: Chile is planning to reform its water laws to weaken property rights and strengthen “social control.” I predict these reforms are likely to undermine economic efficiency without helping the “needy” since politicians will pay more attention to the “noisy”
    6. Read: The businesses that (happily) hire ex-cons
    7. Read: “Linear” governance institutions have a hard time dealing with “exponential” technologies and business models.
    8. Watch: Paper coffee cups are not sustainable, but they’re not that bad.
    9. Read: The Great Lakes Region Is Not a ‘Climate Haven
    10. Read: How a ‘fatally, tragically flawed’ paradigm has derailed the science of obesity. Related (listen): Body Mass Indexes are NOT useful for health.

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