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  1. Read: So Mailchimp deleted ALL my subscribers for new posts because I didn’t “log in” — that’s a pretty shit move (and widely criticized) when I was using service and had no reason to log in (it was working!) Anyways, I am now using a new service (Mailpoet), and you can sign up with the popup on my blog (please tell me if it doesn’t work!).
  2. Read: Why myths about (racial) superiority endure, in the face of science
  3. Read: South Africa struggles to “get respect” for its COVID policies from richer (but more dangerous) countries.
  4. Read: Private law in Iceland worked between 1000 and 1300 (before the King asserted monopoly authority). Reminds me of the successful “pirate constitutions” of the early 18th c.
  5. Read: How police manufactured and sold “secure” phones to criminals and then used their incriminating messages to arrest hundreds 
  6. Read: Using local residues to track the origins of raw materials in supply chains (and reduce fraud)
  7. Listen: How Xi is using the state to take over the economy (again)
  8. Listen: Some insights on the (good/bad) potential futures of AI
  9. Watch: John Oliver on ransomware
  10. Read: Food is getting more expensive hunting is getting harder in the Arctic as the ice melts and water warms. Related read: Americans living in flood zones are (slowly) facing the real cost of insuring their risks — and they are not happy

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Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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  1. This weekly section is fascinating. I always follow the reading tips, which are so varied and essential. Congratulations on your work in making these suggestions.

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