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  1. Read: Rebooting one’s career as a teacher at 50 years old
  2. Read: A real generational gap in mental models has emerged: Kids (“these days”) don’t understand files and folders on computers.
  3. Read: Paradise lost: The rise and ruin of
  4. Read: More climate change, more rain, more mosquitoes, more disease
  5. Read: Three tales of “up by your bootstraps-style” American Dreaming: The collapse of the LuLaRoe MLM cultan influencer who’s succeeding by telling it like it is and Gig-workers organise (world wide) for their right… to know what they will earn.
  6. Read: The problem with the internet is not that everyone can talk but that everyone can listen. The resulting cacophony undermines our social relations.
  7. Read: Americans have no idea what the supply chain really is
  8. Read: How medieval monks reduced (non-phone) distractions. Related: Our brains evolved for habits not uncertainty.
  9. Watch: Greta Thunberg is amazingly smart (put her in charge!)
  10. Watch: Want affordable homes? Your best move is to change the zoning laws to allow more density.


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Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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