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  1. Read: Natural gas prices spike due to an “unbalanced energy mix (good analysis).
  2. Listen: An excellent perspective on the CCP’s use of markets to leverage themselves to a socialist (centrally controlled) paradise.
  3. Read: John Carreyou, the reporter who broke the Theranos scam, on Elizabeth Holmes’s trial
  4. Watch: Why city design matters (and I live in Amsterdam)
  5. Read: Insider trading is the norm in US stock markets
  6. Read: It’s time to switch from cloth to N95 masks
  7. Listen: The whistleblower behind the Facebook files explains how the company is putting far too few resources into fighting disinformation, often because it doesn’t want to lose “engagement” (ad revenue). Extremely related, read how Zuckerberg’s empire of 2.9 billion is a “hostile state” to democracy. Related: MIT on FB’s “dangerous algorithms”
  8. Read: The best way to transition from fossil fuels to renewables is to raise the price of fossil fuels. What does the Dutch government do when natural gas prices spike? Rush to spend (taxpayer) money on subsidizing gas prices. This is a total fail. (A partial fail would be to send more INCOME to poorer households, which coild then decide to spend more on gas… or food or clothes…)
  9. Why is US media so negative (and why that poisons public discourse)
  10. Listen: The Sunday Debate: The Battle Over Free Speech: Are Trigger Warnings, Safe Spaces and No-Platforming Harming Young Minds?

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Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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