Can you help improve my book?

Late last year, I announced that I was writing a new book — The Little Book of the Commons — and that I was looking for people to read, review, comment and improve it.

In February, I got some useful feedback. Then I got distracted (teaching, boats, Covid, you know the drill) and slowed down.

Now I’m back!

I’ve revised Part I (25 pages) and finished a draft of Part II (around 40 pages), and I am looking for your help!

If you have time, then please read, comment and suggest ways to improve this draft of Part I [a pdf on google drive].

Here’s the whole PDF to read/comment on until 15 Dec 2021. After then, I will make final edits before I publish the book in Jan 2022.

My goal is to have a clear, easy-to-read book, so I am trying (often failing) to minimise footnotes and academic quibbles, so please do say if I am too far in the weeds or losing you.

I hope plan promise to have Part II up in the next two weeks, so start soon if you can 🙂

Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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