Interesting stuff

  1. Read: Are “super fast” (~50kph) e-bikes bikes or motorcycles? Related: Read how cars did NOT rescue cities from a flood of horseshit.
  2. Read: Habits? Projects? How about a balance?
  3. Watch: This episode of Tegenlicht (Dutch, Dutch subtitles) has a very interesting discussion of the shortage of “manual” labor in NL. It seems that many students choose pride (and poverty) over challenging jobs in the trades.
  4. Listen: Corruption: How Power Changes Us
  5. Listen: Is Venture Capital the Secret Sauce of the American Economy? (Yes, but there are other factors, e.g., risk-taking, bankruptcy, etc.)
  6. Read: The migrant workers cleaning up (in the US) after climate chaos
  7. Read: Misunderstanding risk and the Peltzman effect
  8. Read: The great organic food (certification) fraud
  9. Listen: How to hold companies (and governments) accountable? Charge individuals with criminal “ecocide” (I think this is a good idea!)
  10. Listen (a lot!) to Darknet Diaries. I’ve been binging, and these episodes are interesting: (12) The US Government tries to block (pretty) good encryption, (16) a guy gets pissed off when he can’t watch a DVD and hacks the algorithm, (23) the Russian who pulled the first online bank robbery and (24) police take over Hansa and Alphabay (I tested that market just before it was seized), Israel’s Unit 8200 (28), and stealing naked selfies (34).

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Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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