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  1. Watch: PFAS (the chemicals used for teflon and goretex) are everywhere in the environment and our blood — and they are terrible for us.
  2. Watch: Tristan Harris explains the evil in Facebook’s manipulation. Related read “I made a bland FB profile then it got weird.
  3. Watch (funny): How podcasters ask questions
  4. Read: Charities are giving people cash. Basic income gets closer.
  5. Read: Depressing but not surprising: People prefer inefficient regulations to prices (e.g., a carbon tax) when it comes to reducing GHGs
  6. Read: Singapore’s tech-utopia dream nightmare
  7. Read: How the Dutch used reed mats to build dams
  8. Read: Where is the water going? [I’m quoted… it’s about ground and surface water scarcity in California’s Central Valley]
  9. Listen: How we turned dogs into distorted toys
  10. Read: “Food delivery apps” are breaking restaurants while losing money

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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