Interesting stuff

  1. Read: A report from the unofficial burning man (sounds about right)
  2. Read: New Zealand moves to make the country “tobacco free” (I agree with taking under 18s out of the market; for over-18s, I think they should focus more on smoking than nicotine).
  3. Read: Thawing Siberian permafrost emitting “surprising” amounts of N2O (a GHG 298x more potent than CO2).
  4. Listen: Another great DND on hacking: Wannacry (the one that took down the NHS)
  5. Listen: Elon Musk says some useful things
  6. Listen: Jared Diamond on the Downfall of Civilizations
  7. Listen: Is “Woke” Capitalism A Threat To Democracy? — or just marketing?
  8. Read: The man who turned mushrooms into Hermes handbags
  9. Watch (in Dutch): De dreigende zee [the threatening sea], a documentry about the Dutch coastal flood defenses.
  10. Read: How the Netherlands will [might] survive in floating cities. The caption below says [my translation] “The Randstad — an urban conurbation with half the country’s population — becomes a huge lagoon-city. A piece of the connected metropolitan region consists of flooded polders. There are lots of floating neighborhoods and a few medium-sized floating cities in the Randstad.” I don’t think 8.5 million people will stay here. Maybe a million.

H/T to PB and IT


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