Interesting stuff

  1. Listen: Why the Price of Wooden Shipping Pallets Has Soared (lots of interesting insights)
  2. Listen: A really interesting podcast on Russian military hacking on US political systems, Ukraine and the Olympics
  3. Listen: Finally, a guy who uses his watch as a tool (while exploring the world)
  4. Listen: Claudia Goldin on women’s work and greedy jobs
  5. Read: China’s leader Xi is right to focus on inequality (“common prosperity”) in China and elsewhere (as a way of calling attention to US failures), but he risks dragging the rich down (aka, command and control) more than the poor upwards.
  6. Read: How China subtly nudges foreign “influencers” to parrot government views, e.g., Uyghurs are not in concentration camps.
  7. Read: Climate change chaos will be gross, i.e., the rotting bodies of dying flora, fauna and ecosystems. 
  8. Read: What to expect in Year 3 of the pandemic
  9. Read (and study): Sharks kill around 4 people per year, world wide. People kill around 100 million sharks per year. So who’s the ruthless killer? For more information, I recommend this “virtual lecture” with Justin in Cape Town. Related: Will the world dial back on illegal fishing 2022? We can only hope.
  10. Think: The economic impacts of Covid (and spending to avoid them)

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Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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