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  1. Read this interesting paper on the relationship between governance and water quality for around 3,000 (!) drinking water systems in California.
  2. Read: “Slow productivity” means working fewer, better hours
  3. Read: There are businesses that will “clean” your online reputation as well as businesses that will “dirty” it. Sometimes they are the same.
  4. Read: You’ve probably heard that plastic “recycling” is a sham promoted by the industry, but did you know that the petrochemicals industry has subsidized expansion of its product lines for decades, as a means of dumping oil-byproducts into other markets? And consumers have been “forced” to consume plastics (which cannot be disposed of properly) by companies switching from paper, metal, glass and other “more expensive” materials? Read more here, then ask yourself if we humans even deserve to live as a species on the planet we’re fouling…
  5. Read: “The temperance movement [Prohibition] wasn’t an example of American exceptionalism; it was a globe-spanning network of activists and politicians who tilted not against sin but against economic exploitation.”
  6. Watch: A dinosaur pleads “Don’t choose extinction”. Are we listening?
  7. Read: Oh, the (tragic) irony: Shell Oil, via climate chaos, is killing the very animals whose mantles the company logo represents. Related, read how EU airlines are flying empty planes to protect their landing slots. Time for reform of the rules, yes?
  8. Watch: SoCal’s anti-vaxxers are deluded about their “healthy lifestyle”
  9. Read: Will Britain fall apart?
  10. Watch (amazing!): “What language [X] sounds like to non-speakers

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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