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  1. Read: Why mine gold that’s just going to sit in a vault. The process is massively polluting. (Why mine bitcoin? At least it’s not going to sit in a vault? 🙂
  2. Read: “How to make time with someone bad at making time“)
  3. Read: Forget the “great resignation” — take a sabbatical! Related: Teachers are quitting at record rates.
  4. Read: “The diminishing returns of productivity culture,” which reminds me of my post on Keynes and why we turned productivity into consumption rather than leisure.
  5. Read: The IRS and other USG departments are using facial recognition. Given the government’s total incompetence in protecting personal data (let alone selling it), this will not end well.
  6. Read: My “20/80 rule” inaction [sic]: “20% of Brits Are Eating Less Meat To Actively Fight Climate Change“… so the other 80% don’t care, right?
  7. Act: I’ve asked Amazon for all the data it has on me. You should too.
  8. Read: “political hacktivists” are attacking governments whose policies they dislike.
  9. Read: The Dutch like to tout their water management expertise as a consulting export, but the key to success abroad is not Dutch ingenuity but political processes and connections.
  10. Read: One of London’s most successful estate agents (realtor) is making big deals but trying to avoid mafia money launderers.

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I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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