Interesting stuff

    1. Read: A really cool experiment showing that mafiosi are more “loyal” than normal criminals or students in prisoner’s dilemma games.
    2. Read: “Web3 [defi, blockchain] is the future, or a scam, or both” [good overview]
    3. Read: The Great Faculty Disengagement
    4. Read: Whoopi Goldberg’s American Idea of Race
    5. Listen: An excellent podcast on the value added by VC firms
    6. Read: How fires across the world have grown weirder
    7. Read: A Dutch university is caught taking €€ from China for a “human rights center” that was curiously uninterested in human rights in China.
    8. Read: The myth of sustainable fashion
    9. Read: A small share of “super abusers” are responsible for much of the ugly content on Facebook, and Facebook is promoting them as “engaging”
    10. Listen: A podcast series on the OneCoin Ponzi-crypto-scam

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Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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