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  1. Listen: An interview with the author of Jackpot: How gambling conquored Britain
  2. Read: What happens when Americans stay in the same house forever? “No one is suggesting forcibly moving Americans via strategic lava flows. But there are costs to taking the steps that”
  3. Listen: An excellent discussion of the economic impacts of sanctions on Russia. Related: A discussion of Russia’s political options and The end of “the end of history” as Russia goes rogue (and the privatization of war?). Read: These are the Russians the Netherlands can squeeze.
  4. Listen: Why are there so many bad bosses? The Peter principle is true!
  5. Listen: An amazing series — According to Need — looks at the institutional weaknesses prolonging homelessness in the Bay Area (near San Francisco).
  6. Read: “The new owner of Argentina’s de facto national treat stopped paying his majority-female workforce — so they seized control of the entire operation.
  7. Read: UC Berkeley has been forced to reduce student numbers as fixed housing supply and increasing demand drives home/rental prices ever higher.
  8. Read: The grandsons of “Doctor” Bronner are using their soap profits to fund research into and legalization of psychedelics. Nice.
  9. Read: Social sciences need to improve on their medieval standards of evidence and logic
  10. Watch: Remember to wash your hands… to save grandpa and just to spread fewer germs!

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