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  1. Read: American cars have been rated by the superior gallons/100 miles (same as liters/100km) for over 10 years, but people haven’t noticed!
  2. Read: The suburbs also encouraged corporations to create their “perfect” (=artificial, high modern) campuses (as seen all over Silicon Valley)
  3. Watch: Bikes should NOT be taxed out of people’s budgets.
  4. Read: Why is Covid-death in the US (nearly 1 million so far) treated so casually?
  5. Read: The scientists behind the accuracy of Covid-tests
  6. Read: Schwarzenegger’s message to his Russian friends
  7. Read: People Deserve to Know Their Houses Are Going to Burn
  8. Read: This piece criticizes the way that Daylight “savings” is being stopped, but they are mixing up the problem of jumping clocks with the need for teens (and others) to have light in the morning.
  9. Listen: Texas’s electrical grid is a market and government failure

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