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  1. Read: Six months in, El Salvador’s bitcoin gamble is crumbling. Related (and good) — listen to two Salvadorians explain how badly it’s going. Related (and amazing): Desperate people are playing the crypto-casino
  2. Listen: Many myths of male “biological” advantages debunked.
  3. Listen: Animals are too neat to eat.
  4. Read: Some people are dropping “smart” for “dumb” phones, to save money and their sanity.
  5. Read: Boomers are retiring to Margaritaville, and it’s all party, no responsibility (except to each other).
  6. Listen: A great discussion on how to really do higher ed
  7. Read: Are we (humans) entering an entirely new era?
  8. Read: Exercise is great; the “exercise industry” not so much
  9. Read: Transparent (public) salaries reduce discrimination against non-White-males
  10. Read: California’s anti-inflation policy is a total fail

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Author: David Zetland

I'm a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.

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